PAIGE + jacks
The Little guild of st francis

"My Mom mentioned the Little Guild camp program to me because we adopted our cat from here a few months ago. That’s how I got interested in working with the shelter animals.  After I went to their Spring Break Camp, the Little Guild asked me to come help out at some shelter events.

 I like helping the animals— it makes me feel good inside. And I like helping the community, too. It felt good being the only kid from the Spring Break Camp that they asked to become a volunteer. It makes me feel special that they chose me to do this.

When I come to the shelter, they don’t always have a specific job for me to do, so I usually go care for a cat. I’ll pet it and brush it for a while. I still like doing that, because I know I’m helping people, and cats. When we adopted my cat, she was so tiny that I thought I was going to drop her or break her. When we got her home, I put her down and she hid behind the couch because she was so scared. Then she got used to everything. When I come here, I look at all the kittens and think about how much bigger my cat is now, which means that she’s grown since she left the shelter.  

I’m learning that different animals need different things. I know that some cats don’t like being pet in places like their tail or their head, and some cats do. And some dogs don’t like being pet there, either. I’m gonna have a couple dogs when I grow up, and I’m probably gonna volunteer here like I do now."