Austin Animal center

"Hilda came in as a stray in February, and she’s about four and a half. She’s kind of a favorite; the long stays tend to be because you get to know them really well. She’s just an easygoing girl, though I don’t think she’s had any potential adopters yet. She does well in playgroups so we’re hoping that’s going to help get more people interested. She’s actually a rock star in the playgroups. But, you know, she’s a big black Pit Bull and that scares people.  

Hilda’s already been here six or seven months and she never stops smiling. She’s doing really well. I think that’s why she became a favorite among the volunteers. I just walk by her crate and say, 'Hey, Hilda!' and she’ll wag her tail. Her little wiggle body is just so cute. She’s happy to go out when she’s out, and when she’s in her kennel she lays down. She’s a good dog."