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"Greta’s been here for a couple weeks, which for her size is kind of a long time. I think that it’s probably because she’s over 10 years old and she’s visually impaired — she does have some sight, but you need to be cautious with her because she will walk into things. This center waives the adoption fee for dogs over seven years old. And she comes with a free, brand new bed! So there are some things we do to encourage adopters, but really, we just hope that people will adopt our animals because it feels good, not just because it’s free.  

We’ve got a lot of puppies right now in the shelter. People see Greta and say, “Oh, how cute,” and then right next to her is this darling little puppy. It’s hard. And yes, a lot of people want puppies. So she needs to find the right home, and that makes her adoption a little more difficult than an adoption for a puppy or a one- or two-year-old dog. She is spayed, though. A lot of people don’t realize that is a plus, because you can take her right away. But I’m not going to lie. The age goes against them. It just does, even though it really shouldn’t. They can be wonderful pets when they’re this old and trained."