volunteer portraits of love, healing and survival.


"Jesse gives us more than just beautiful portraits of these heroes; he gives us a glimpse of the kindness and compassion that leads one to this work." - Cyrus Mejia, co-founder, Best Friends Animal Society


"I've been volunteering for ten years. I come in everyday after work, and all day on the weekends. I want to make sure the dogs who need a blanket or just need someone to sit in their kennel with them have that kind of support. I believe that's our job as volunteers. "



"Miller's the first dog that I ever walked. He was very easy and that's what made me keep coming back. These dogs are happy here, this is their home and I think that speaks volumes about how adaptable and loving they are. They are just so willing to respond to love."


"I volunteer because I really like dogs — they're just so adorable. I like to take care of them. It makes me feel like I'm a hero to the dogs because I'm helping them. They're just beautiful to me. Being with them is just a beautiful thing to me."


"Volunteering is my way of giving back some of the unconditional love my dogs gave me growing up. I volunteer to bring joy to the world, one senior dog at a time, encouraging and reassuring them that they are safe, loved, and that there's warmth and goodness left in the world, just for them."

rachel + alisha

"I know that if we're doing something like helping with the laundry or taking the dogs for walks, it frees up the staff to actually do something that's useful — like work with a dog that's struggling. If we can take some of the burden of of them, then everybody is working together and we're part of the team."

baby blue

"This dog's sort of stolen my heart. It's going to be hard to see him move on, but I know he's going to land well. So, while it's hard, it's just what we do. We take them for a while, make sure they're healthy, and then move them on."