baby Blue
Mckinley county humane society

"I was at Red Rock State Park, which is just east of McKinley. We were tailgating, and this little stray puppy was just kind of hanging out with us. There were several campers around, and I spoke with one of the campers who had been there for several days. He said that he’d been feeding and watering the dog, but that the dog didn’t belong to him. I said, “You know, I volunteer with the shelter, and I could take him in.” I told him that he would be fostered and then moved on to another permanent home. That’s how I ended up with him.

I brought him into the shelter and got him all his shots. He’s a beautiful dog. We called him Baby Blue right away because he’s a puppy, and he has incredibly beautiful blue eyes.  

When we saw him, it was evident from the hair around his neck that he had been wearing a collar at some point. I have a feeling somebody just took the collar off and dropped him off in the park. When I got him home, I think I might’ve figured out what the problem was — he would jump on you and in his excitement, he would pee on you. I have a feeling that some family knew how wonderful he was, but they weren’t able to put up with the behavior. Since that time, he’s really calmed down, and I’ve only had him for a week.  

This dog’s sort of stolen my heart. Right away, he was just very personable and I hate to say this, but — he’s pretty. That is an attractor for humans as well as animals. We look for what we think is beautiful. I’ve fostered some mangy animals as well, and I’ve loved them and cared for them just as much; but this one does have my heart. With this one, it’s going to be hard to see him move on. But because he is who he is, I know he’s going to land well. So while it’s hard, it’s just what we do. We take them for a while, make sure they’re healthy, and then move them on."